Tavern, Bar, Brasserie, seafood in Nantes

A casual and chic restaurant to share a unique culinary moment just a few steps from the Chateau des Dukes of Brittany in the city centre of Nantes. Your restaurant, tavern, Seafood Bar, sauerkraut the Loco is waiting for you.

Our history

Welcome to the Loco

Tavern, Brasserie, seafood restaurant in Nantes, La Loco opens its doors 7days/7. Formerly "The Tavern of the Chateau", we took over the establishment in 2016 to put it to your liking and make it as warm as possible on the theme of the sea. Nantes is a city that has its culinary specialties strong but it lacked another restaurant specialized on this theme in the city of the Dukes. Before it took you 40 minutes to taste the products of the sea in Pornic or La Baule, now it is a few steps from your home. You asked us then we realized your Brewery tavern. Bon Appetit in your tavern, brasserie, seafood restaurant in Nantes, La Loco

36,00 €

Whole lobster

Sin on our coasts of Brittany, discover the authentic taste of the blue lobster of the Atlantic Ocean. They are kept alive in the aquarium and cooked by the minute.



Enjoy our desserts including the profiteroles salted butter caramel sauce or Valrhona chocolate sauce. 


Fisherman's plate 

3 NO3 oysters, 3 pink shrimp, 3 clams, 3 bulots, bigorneaux.


What our customers tell us about TripAdvisor

"At the foot of the Château de Nantes, a beautiful, high-color brewery. Both the decoration and the staff, everything is done to spend a pleasant moment and of course to rejoice our taste buds with the products of the sea, very fresh and superbly prepared!
I hesitated to publish an opinion, because if too many people are invited to this restaurant, I may not have any more room...!!!
Very beautiful discovery in the heart of Nantes, to discover. "

David R.

A restaurant has the height of our expectations.. Whether it was the reception, the quality of the dishes or the service, everything was perfect! A decent price for a brewery at the top! "

Member TripAdvisor

"No false notes from start to finish, really a great restaurant. The reception and the service pleasant. Side meal It was very good, the dryer in the entrance was perfectly cooked, then the sole milling, a treat. I recommend this address, you will not be disappointed. "

David L.

"Come with friends for a reunion, passing many children, we had a great time. The staff showed up available, smiling and patient. The cooking season is under control! Favorite for the burger Blinis-St Jacques-prawns. We will return without hesitation! "

Michael C.

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Welcome to the Loco in Nantes

Your seafood restaurant in Nantes located in Nantes in the heart of the modernization project of the city, the Loco welcomes you with its specialties...

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12:00 – 14:30
18:30 – 23:00
Friday & Saturday
12:00 – 14:30 19:00 00:00
12:00 – 14:30 19:00 00:00


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